School-enterprise cooperation

School-enterprise cooperation, which brings into play the respective advantages of schools and enterprises to jointly cultivate talents needed by the society and the market, is not only one of the significant features of vocational education school running, but also helpful to strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises and the combination of teaching and production. The mutual support, mutual penetration, two-way intervention, complementary advantages, mutual utilization of resources and benefit sharing between the university and the enterprise are important ways to realize the modernization of education, promote the development of productivity, and make education and production sustainable development. Thus it can be seen that the combination of industry and learning is an effective means to promote the development of science and technology, economy and enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation is an important way to run a good career education, and to cultivate talents in production, construction, management and service.

As a representative of domestic brands in the field of industrial automation in China, XINJE hopes to form a close school-enterprise cooperation relationship with domestic colleges and universities, explore the talent cultivation mode suitable for local regions, and establish a scientific and win-win cooperation mechanism to contribute to the development of Chinese career education.




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