Training Services

1. Training object: dealer business, technical personnel and customer electrical engineers.

2.Training time: every six months, starting from the first week of September and April.

3.Number of trainees per class: no less than 8 trainees, and no more than 20 trainees will be accepted.

4. Training method: the training time is about 3-4 weeks according to the technical foundation of the training object.

5. Training form:

(1) class training: the teacher will give a centralized training, and the training content is mainly about PLC programming and the basic application of each product, which is suitable for those who have no relevant basic personnel.(no foundation is recommended)

(2) temporary special training: non-class time, mainly self-learning, with teachers' help as a supplement. (it is recommended that those with a technical foundation who need to improve their skills.)

(3) receive sporadic training commissions for technical and sales personnel training under certain circumstances, except for the scheduled training and temporary special training.

6. Training registration: the personnel applying for training shall be recommended by the staff of our company.

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