Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPC visited our company


On July 11, 2018, leaders from Wuxi city and Binhu district, represented by Mr. Li Xiaomin, secretary of Wuxi municipal committee, came to our company for inspection, and Mr. Li Xin, chairman of Wuxi XINJE Electric co., ltd. received the reception personally.


                         The picture shows Li Xin, chairman of Wuxi XINJE electric co., ltd., talking with secretary Li Xiaomin




The purpose of this inspection is to understand the development of our company and guide our company's business strategy and infrastructure construction. After the visit, leaders at all levels gave complete recognition to the achievements and efforts made by our company as one of the key enterprises in the Binhu district, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on the problems and difficulties encountered in the process of the company's business promotion, so as to promote the long-term development of the company.




                                                                                    The picture shows the discussion scene


At the following symposium, Mr. Li Xin, general manager of Wuxi XINJE electric co., ltd., made a detailed summary and report on the achievements made in the preliminary work of the company as well as the problems and difficulties. Secretary Mr. Li Xiaomin praised the current achievements, and had high hopes for the development of XINJE.


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